Hello geeks, welcome backs. Today I will whisper all we can see in the next week, NOT only iPhone and Apple Watch.
We have already speak about the leap of future in APPLE FUTURE post after last WWDC and last year before the launch of (iPhone X).


What I will write, could partially spoil what you will see, 12 September can be remember as a Big Wensdey.

What will we see? Easy answer new iPhone and new Apple Watch, but this is too easy, every blog show photo and spec of new Apple Devices, follow the word and you see the true.

The Apple invitation show a circle image (HomePod-Siri) and the word Gather Round.
This can sound ad fantasy novel…

“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them” LOTRO

Some thoughts dancing on my brain:

  • Apple release the Apple Premium Service ( iCloud, Apple Music, Film,  News ) with monthly subscription 15-20$.
  • iPhone Premim Service – New iPhone with Apple Premium Service with monthly subscrition 75-100$
  • Apple Watch circle? ( i think next year ^_- )
  • Siri Ring or Siri Jewels ( already speak here here)


This is all? no, it’s a Big Wensdey.

Tim Cook and Apple staff show other long awaited device.

  • New Mac Low Price
  • New starting iCloud service 120GB for 0,99$
  • New HomePod Mini
  • New Mini Mac
  • AirPower
  • An improved Siri

The post is constantly updated, go back to read it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Newer stop to dream.


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