WiFi Problem? Netgear ORBI it’s one Solution

All people encounter a least once a problem with Home Network, one of the most common problem it’s the WiFi coverage.

In you home few steps (sometimes less than a meter) can broke your connection, freeze your video/Netflix/YouTube and internet connection, crash you gaming session, end your VoIP/Video call etc.

The steps of hate 🙂

All problems

  • Slow connection
  • Freeze/Buffering Video
  • Error/No connection

On your Tablet, Smartphone or other device that use your WiFi can suffer this problems.

Are you sure that it’s a WiFi problem and not a Broadband problem? To answer at this question you need make some little test ( watch us guide how to test internet connection speed ).

I try a lot of WiFi Exteder, someone work better than other, but don’t resolve all this issues, with extender WiFi I gained some meters of coverage, but add other issues.

For example, sometimes smartphones/tablet stay connected at router and no use Extender.

Now after time and money loose, I founded a very good solution. Netgear Orbi.
Orbi is a WiFi Mesh system, in few word this system use a router/satellite (one or more ) to extend coverage of your WiFi with better performance.

Example of extensions:

  • Router<->Satellite
  • Router<->Satellite<->Satellite

Each device use the preceding node to extend WiFi signal.

Orbi auto switch connection of Device (smartphone/tablet etc) to the best nearest WiFi system (satellite or router).

To improve WiFI performance Orbi use a tri-band WiFi system, one of this is used to create a Backhaul to connect satellite to other satellite or to router ( Some Satellite model have a Ethernet port for Backhaul connection )

You can buy a basic Orbi system with one Satellite and add one or more Satellite after.
Orbi Router WiFi is better than more Broadband router Wifi Systems but in little home (only 1 floor), you don’t need solution. You need good router/access point.

Orbi it’s easy to setup via HTTP or apps, aroud 10 minute to setup and configure your WiFi Mesh.

Netgear create a good product, but some firmware feature is bit immature.
For example, mac filtering dosen’t work if you configure Orbi on AP Mode (works with router configuration)

Support works fine to resolve this and other little bugs, but don’t fear you don’t have problem with your wifi.




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