How to Test speed of your internet Connection

Every day we like make post, share, watch Netflix or Youtube; we love internet and hate slow connection.

We want a good fast broadband connection for home and mobile, but how we can check if connection, it’s good?

First of all, to make a good test, you must:

Go near your Wifi Router

  • Switch off all other connected device. ( leave powered on only 1 test device )
  • Close all app/browser/sync. ( Example onedrive, dropbox, google drive etc ).
  • If you can, connect computer via Ethernet at router. If you can’t use smartphone or tablet near router.
  • Now we can Make Test.
  • For each site try 2 times. ( Browser or App )

Watch result

  • High value of Mbps it’s better
  • Low ping value it’s better

Now you find your speed!

Comparate result with your broadband contract, if you make a test with only one device connect and all service stopped and your speed is very poor than your contract, open case at your provider.

Remeber you try with only ONE, if you try with more device sametime your connection can be slow than real for usage or other problem first.

If you have good speed, make other test to check your WiFi coverage!

With only one device connect via Wifi, move far(change room or floor) from your router and repeat test. When your speed go down or ping with high value, you are in Poor or Blind WiFi Zone.
If you need WiFi in poor or Blind zone, try to move router more central of home and repeat test. If you don’ take improvements, you need try with new router or need WiFi Extender or better, WiFi Mesh solution.


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