Apple Future – What you do not seen at WWDC

Last week Apple presents WWDC with the future of its operating system (iOS, MacOS, TvOS and watchOS).
Lots of information and features that bring new life to all Apple devices.After a few days we can analyze what we have seen and what we have not seen.What we have seen:

  • Optimization of all Apple OS
  • New OS Feature

What we haven’t seen:

  • Hardware ( iPhone – Apple Watch – iPad – Mac or iMac – etc. )
  • New Service or Solution ( example iCloud – TV Show – Medical – Marzipan  etc. )

This WWDC it’s not perfect, speaker make more error than the normal.
I think APPLE has changed the show’s plans just before the show itself to hide some projects from leake, but first of all, a small summary of OS (click here to skip recap):

  • iOS 12
    • Performance
    • Augmented reality
    • Photo
    • Siri
    • News
    • Stocks
    • Voice Memos
    • CarPlay
    • Do not Disturb
    • Notifications
    • Application Usage
    • Messages
    • FaceTime
  • MacOS
    • Dark Mode
    • Desktop Stacks
    • New Finder
    • ScreenShots
    • APFS on Fusion Drives
    • New AppStore
    • Home ( Apple Home )
    • Voice Memos
    • Safari (more privacy)
  • WatchOS
    • Activity Competitions
    • Auto-WorkOut Detection
    • New Workouts
    • Walkie-Talkie
    • PodCast
  • TvOS
    • Dolby Atmos
    • New ScreenSavers
    • Zero Sign-In
    • Remote app on iOS

Apple lost the touch of future dream ? hidden solution? Or Apple and Cook follow a new secret strategy?The world of technology is near at new big Leap.  Remember my words,  “Developers never sleep, only dreams”.This year we have already watched some step of the road to the Apple Leap.New cheap iPad with compatible Apple Pencil, No HardWare at WWDC, Apple hired some TV specialist and it bought Shazam and Texture and other.A lot of rumors talk now about Apple Premium Subscription ( TV-Show, Music, etc) but we already wrote about this solution last year.Prepare to “watch” the run to the leap! After “sleep” it’s the time to think different!

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