WiFi Problem? Netgear ORBI it’s one Solution

All people encounter a least once a problem with Home Network, one of the most common problem it’s the WiFi coverage.

In you home few steps (sometimes less than a meter) can broke your connection, freeze your video/Netflix/YouTube and internet connection, crash you gaming session, end your VoIP/Video call etc.

The steps of hate 🙂

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How to Test speed of your internet Connection

Every day we like make post, share, watch Netflix or Youtube; we love internet and hate slow connection.

We want a good fast broadband connection for home and mobile, but how we can check if connection, it’s good?

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Apple Future – What you do not seen at WWDC

Last week Apple presents WWDC with the future of its operating system (iOS, MacOS, TvOS and watchOS).
Lots of information and features that bring new life to all Apple devices.After a few days we can analyze what we have seen and what we have not seen. Continue reading